Harry with Millie and Boris

Harry with Millie and Boris

An abandoned beauty parlour in Diss

The Crown pub is now an estate agent

Fred with his home-made Roman shield

Grandad gets a cake for his birthday

Grandad's cake

It's Chinese New Year on Market Hill

There's an inflatable heart in Wellington Memorial

Some beach-based innovation occurs in 2KS

Adrian reaches over for some Injura pancakes

James gets some Red Tent lunch

Red Tent in 2 Kingdom Street

A massive queue soon builds up

The boys get their boots on outside Grandad's

Harry messes about

Trespassers will be wrapped in a blanket

The gang up a footpath

A random discarded chair

Fred bounces around on a manky old mattress

Harry joins in with the mattress bouncing

Discarded rubbish

Saint Peter and Saint Paul in Eye

In the graveyard

The Eye Guildhall

A discarded washing machine pleads for a new home

The K6 phonebox by the Town Hall is looking jaded

Walking up to the Queen's Head

Fred and Isobel at the bar

Harry grabs the back of a bench

Harry on a bench

Some tool has tipped their car into a ditch