Trafalgar Day and Pizza, Norwich, Norfolk - 15th October 2017

It's another day in Norwich, largely as an excuse to visit Pizza Express, which is nice and quiet at around 2.30pm. But first, it turns out that all of Norfolk's Sea Cadets are gathered outside the Forum to commemorate Trafalgar Day - Nelson's victory over the combined Franco-Spanish fleet in 1805.

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Fred and Harry perform an audit of their Lego people

Massed lines of Lego Ninjas and whatnot

Fred and Harry

Fred plays flute

...and then a bit of guitar

Harry makes a Lego thing

Fred does some sort of sit-up on the roof of St. Giles car park in Norwich

Seedy lift

Norwich's City Hall clock tower

Norwich Guildhall on Gaol Hill, Norwich

The Sea Cadet band mill around outside the Forum

A stack of cadets assemble on the steps

Marching around

A massed group of cadets

The Captain gets a selfie

The group breaks up

The cadets dress to the left

There's a nice view of Norwich Castle from the windows in Pizza Express

Pizza dudes in Pizza Express

Fred does some colouring-in

Harry sticks stickers on to everything

A view of Lloyds Bank and the Cathedral

Harry hangs on to a pole

St. Peter Mancroft reflected in the Forum

Fred runs around

Partial reflections of St. Peter Mancroft look like standing stons or Moai

Harry on a hand rail

Fred climbs the granite brain on the Haymarket

Fred helps Harry up

The boys gaze out over the city, from the roof of St. Giles

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Fred and Harry perform an audit of their Lego people