Fire and Water: The Burning of the Blackrock Centre and some Swimming, County Dublin, Ireland - 12th August 2017

We're roaming around the Frascati Centre in Blackrock when clouds of smoke are spotted billowing from the top of the Blackrock Centre, over the road. It's not, as the car-park security dude suggests just some standard blowing off of fumes or air conditioning or something, but turns out to be an actual fire on the roof of the building which, at one point, looks like it's getting pretty serious. By the time Nosher gets there, the shopping centre is being evacuated and there are five or six units of the Dublin fire brigade in attendance. Later on we meet up with Wayne and Caro down in Dun Laoghaire and go out for dinner in the evening with Evelyn and Jen Mac. The next day, it's time for a swim down at Seafort Parade and then tea at Mao's in Dun Laoghaire.

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The boys walk up the playground in Monkstown Farm

Harry's on the bus

Harry and Isobel in Blackrock

New graffiti down by the DART station

Harry and Fred on the recently-restored band stand in Blackrock Park

Isobel roams around

There's aplant growing out of the top of an old signpost

The Frascati Centre is undergoing some major redevelopment

The old Frascati car park is now a big hole in the ground

This poster of a girl has been screwed on to the wall in a rather unfortunate way

Fred finds something hilarious in Marks and Spencer

Black smoke billows from the roof of the Blackrock Centre

More smoke piles off the roof

There's a queue of fire engines outside the Blackrock Centre

People are evacuated

Somebody leaves a hairdresser's in a hurry

Mid-way through a colouring job

Firemen mill around

A hose is hauled up to an upstairs office

Hoses are unreeled

Water leaks onto the street

Isobel bumps into an old friend from school

Blackrock High Street returns to normality

More graffiti on the remains of the Blackrock swimming pool

The winkies and the Blackrock swimming pool wall

Ornate pagoda in Dun Laoghaire with the statement 'keep the pavement dry'

Someone reads a book on the clifftop

Wayne chats about stuff

A flotilla of little boats sets sail

Caro and Isobel outside the Harrington

Wayne takes the boys down to the sea

Finn, Harry and Fred down by the waterline

Finn and Fred

The old changing area is now locked up

Harry, Finn and Fred on a canon

Victorian people

Wayne gets the boys ice cream

Derelict house in Monkstown

The 'scary Mary' on Oliver Plunkett Avenue

Evelyn and Isobel head into Dun Laoghaire

The sun goes down

The first faint noise of gently moving water broke the silence, apparently

More derelict swimming pools

The derelict swimming pools of Dun Laoghaire

Teddy's Ice cream, once the massive queues have died down

Jen Mac, Isobel and Evelyn in the Promenade Bistro

Somewhere in the backstreets of Dun Laoghaire, we end up in a bar whilst we look for Jake's leaving party

Harry hangs on a fence

The boys have a kick about near Seafort Parade

Fred contemplates the sea

The gang head down to the water

Evelyn helps Fred

Isobel reckons it's freezing

James bobs about in Dublin Bay

Harry clings to a wall

Fred on the DART wall

Fred wanders off

Ever-changing graffiti

James has got grass on his head for some reason

Harry tries the grass wig out

A colonial building in Dun Laoghaire

Inspecting the menu in Mao's

A reflective photo

Evelyn gives Harry a shoulder ride

Waiting to cross outside the Forty Foot

There's some kind of hen night in town

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The boys walk up the playground in Monkstown Farm