Camping at Dower House, West Harling, Norfolk - 1st July 2017

A crowd of campers heads off to Dower House at West Harling for a weekend of, er, camping.

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The boys mess around with bubbles

Fred lets a bubble loose

Some bicycle mechanics occurs

Fred checks for extra money to buy sweets with

Harry, Isobel and Harry in the camp shop

A walk in the woods

Much tree-swinging occurs

Fred clings to a tree

The sun breaks through the tree canopy

Harry uses his 'pinoclears' to stare at something only a couple of metres away

Isobel checks her phone

We wander off on the path

The children find a snail stuck to a tree

The redundant church of All Saints in West Harling

The kids run around in the nave

It's good to see that the old cooker is still there after a few years

Stained-glass light plays on the tiled floor

Harry sits in the pews

Harry poks something out of the pulpit

The gang heads off futher along the path

Shorn the sheep

A many-branched tree

A pile of logs

Fred holds up the remains of a toad, completely and perfectly flattened

The boys are in the shop again

Harry gets ice-cream all over his face again

Time for a barbeque

Chris looks happy with his lot

Fred roams around on his bike

Meat on a stick

there's a lot of smoke coming from a small barbeque

The kids do s'mores

An interesting illuminated cloud drifts by

We head off to the clubhouse for a beer

Fred plays table football

The football game is full-on

Fred heads off on his bike

Harry in the van, morning style

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The boys mess around with bubbles