A Trip to Sutton Hoo, Woodbridge, Suffolk - 29th January 2017

Fred's doing the Anglo-Saxons at school, so it's a good excuse to head out to Sutton Hoo, just across the river Deben from Woodbridge in Suffolk and site of one of the most important Anglo-Saxon archaeological sites ever.

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As seems to be the tradition with NT places, something is covered in stickers

Harry's a bit too small for the Saxon warrior cut-out

We head towards the exhibition and treasury

Big giant Saxon head dude

Harry dresses up

Reproductions of the Saxon gold coins found in the dig

A reproduction of the famous helmet

Fred tries on a helmet

A stunning repro of a Saxon sword

The famous purse

We head up to Tranmer House, home of Edith Pretty

Fred surveys the view over to the River Deben

The front of Tranmer House, built in 1910

Oak panelling all round

There's a lovely, but broken, grand piano

Isobel does a spot of knitting

Harry scopes out stuff with a pair of 'nocklears'

Fred tries a tiny typewriter

Basil Brown's work shed

Harry and Fred find some trees to run around in

Harry stands on a seat covered up with half a boat

Fred and Harry stand on some carved logs: wonder-wrought waves, water becomes bone?

Tranmer House

It's Pig City near the burial mounds

Burial mound No. 2 - the tallest of the mounds

Isobel and Harry in an old shed

Heading back to the café

A collection of original rusty iron boat rivets

The impressive National Trust café

Fred plays dominos

Fred and Isobel play a game

Harry draws something in his 'journal'

An upturned boat is covered in stickers

Fred and Harry do some extreme bouncing

Meanwhile, back at Grandad's - the old kitchen he tried to set fire to is piled up outside

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As seems to be the tradition with NT places, something is covered in stickers