A Winter's Walk, Thrandeston, Suffolk - 5th February 2017

Isobel takes us out for a "short walk", for a couple of miles up to see the hairy pigs in Thrandeston and then over the fields to the Swan, the back way, for a pint and a plate of chips.

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We head off across the fields

The road to Thrandeston

Yellow spring flowers poke up through a carpet of dead leaves

There's an unusual aircraft contrail overhead

The boys

A hairy pig trots over to give us a sniff

The boys say 'hi' to the hairy pigs


Fred and Isobel

Steel and wood skeletons

The view right up an electricity pylon

Another pylon view

Harry and Isobel get all electric

Another unusual pylon angle

The walk continues

Pylons and the sun

An unusual back view of The Swan

Harry and Fred play with Jessica's Playmobil hospital

Jessica's got a big pile of Playmobil people

The Oaksmere is closed for building work

A carpet of yellow flowers

The Oaksmere's new building is under way

Fred and Harry on the pirate ship once more

Fred makes a bubble snake

Fred's bubbles

Meanwhile, Boris concentrates on being stripey

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We head off across the fields