Last Days in Southwark, London - 18th January 2017

It's the end of an era as SwiftKey moves out of its home for nearly five years - the famously low-key low-rise office block of 91-95 Southwark Bridge Road - and swaps vistas of the Shard and the City of London for the visual desert that is Paddington in West London. It's also a last chance to visit the famous Pizza Pub - the Libertine on Great Suffolk Street, just the other side of Mint Street Park. Meanwhile, in the City, London black cabs are blockading the streets in and around Bank Junction in protest at plans to close the seven-way intersection to traffic.

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We head off to Pizza Pub for the last time

The red-leather sofas and real fire of The Libertine

Inside Pizza Pub

More fireside chat

SwiftKey waits for pizza

The Libertine bar

The Libertine, as the SwiftKey posse heads back to the office

Great Suffolk Street

The SwiftKey offices, occupying all but the very top floor

The second floor office

Nosher's end of the building on the second floor

The Turing meeting room

Simon sits by the empty award frames and blu-tac spots where the employee photo gallery once was

Another meeting room

The former St. Saviour's Public Library building, on the opposite side of SBR

Meanwhile, in the City, London taxi-cabs are having a protest

The taxis have blockaded Bank Junction to protest at plans to close it to traffic

A protestor carries a placard

More taxis block Threadneedle Street

The camera has a freak-out, but the effect is quite pleasing

Back at home, Isobel plans to make something out of a load of old baby-grows

The next morning in Suffolk, the sky is completely full of nothing but aircraft contrails

Wind turbines in the frosty dawn light

Back in London, Nosher's bike is propped up against the bike-shed doors

The exit from Flat Iron Yard to the Island Café

Hughes Electronics and the other buildings in Flat Iron Yard

The buildings on the opposite corner to the office

Southwark Bridge Road

A view towards Blackfriar's Bridge from Southwark Bridge

Waterfront buildings and St. Paul's from Southwark Bridge

Taxis have blockaded Queen Elizabeth Street, outside the new Bloomberg offices

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We head off to Pizza Pub for the last time