Thrandeston Pig, Little Green, Thrandeston, Suffolk - 26th June 2016

It's the time of the year again for Thrandeston Pig - the annual hog roast and summer drenching - held on Little Green.

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Paulio and The Boy Phil in the rain

Claire looks full of the joy of summer

Fred and Harry look on in envy at Jessica's welly boots

The traction engine Oliver makes its annual appearance

Harry tests his wellies out

The vintage tractor group rocks up

Pig is served!

Harry and his pasta

Fred ponders

Matthew makes a splash

Jessica leaps in

The crowd huddles under the marquee

The gang of puddle-kids gives up any pretence at being dry

Fred's in his socks

Wellington boots are emptied out

Wavy, Phil and Paul

The Boy Phil legs it under the tent

Oliver is getting a little damp

Water drips off Fred

And the rain came tumbling down

A Land Rover, which really should know better, gets stuck in the green and has to be hauled out by tractor

Moss grows on a roof

Near Goswold Hall, a couple of office chairs have seen better days

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Paulio and The Boy Phil in the rain