Back in the 'Bridge: an Anniversary, Cambridge - 3rd July 2016

Cambridge was where it all started, so it was an especially suitable choice of venue for a sixth wedding anniversary. To add to the fun, we stay in the student accommodation at Christ's College, about as close to the centre of town as it's possible to be. Not only are the grounds superb, but the rooms are pretty decent too, and significantly cheaper than a hotel.

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We head off through Christ's Second Court

Christ's student bar

The Cambridge Guildhall

King's Parade and Bene't Street in the rain

The bike sticks it to the man

An English summer: punts, sunshine and rain, all at the same time

The rain stops

Mmm, beer

Outside the Anchor, some dude roams around with a Jester's hat on

More punts and poles

Scudamore's punts

What looks suspiciously like a stag party

The Anchor pub and the Silver Street bridge

Soaking up the sun on the Granta Place bridge

Isobel roams around

It's a poster-fest

Isobel looks round on Trumpington Street

We spot some bargain wines - only £1,450 a bottle for the cheap one!

As Isobel said: Cambridge bike chaos

The bar in Brown's

Brown's restaurant, and piano

A couple of dudes in fancy dress pass by

Isobel and a glass of wine

King's College in the dusk

Isobel on the wet pavements of King's Parade

Isobel on St. Mary's Passage

Isobel's favourite late-night food stop: the Trailer of Life, in the market place

The Yusuf Hamied Centre in Christ's College

Isobel checks for headroom on the way down from the dorm

The UEA-Ziggurat-like accommodation in New Court

Canteen-style breakfast

The chapel between First and Second courts

Isobel surveys Third Court

A celebration drawing-pin note

Our digs for the night

Isobel on the spiral stairs of 'staircase 4'

First Court

Isobel inspects the food in Carluccio's

We stop by on Mill Road, which is still doing its thing

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We head off through Christ's Second Court