June Miscellany, Norwich and Diss, Norfolk - 25th June 2016

It's another random round-up: Nosher and Fred are in Norwich, then it's a Saturday in Diss

next album: Thrandeston Pig, Little Green, Thrandeston, Suffolk - 26th June 2016
previous album: Caoimhe the Shoe's Desk, Highbury, London - 18th June 2016

Funky wall art on Exchange Street in Norwich

Fred looks in awe at all the Lego in Jarrold's, Norwich

Fred runs around on the almost-empty top deck of St. Andrew's car park

The spire of Norwich Cathedral

Fred looks out over Norwich

Grandad comes over for Sunday lunch

Lunch in the garden

Harry makes a Father's Day biscuit

More graffiti near Bethnal Green

A particularly colourful stretch of wall graffiti

A big 'Dosh' graffiti tag

Isobel down at Brome village hall for the referendum

Fred and Harry enjoy their distorted reflections in a car

Mere Street in Diss with a load of bunting out

There are various stalls out on the market place

US Army vehicle

Fred and Harry model their balloons, as Fred does the static hair thing

Harry and his balloon outside the church

Dan Dan the Meat Man: if anyone can chop it up, Danny can

Fred and Harry in their favourite place: the toy section of EACH charity shop in Diss

We out the non-Newtonian-fluid water-and-cornflour 'dancing monster' thing, with little success

At the end of the drive, a new entrance is created for the Oaksmere

Timber: a tree is chopped down

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Funky wall art on Exchange Street in Norwich