Alfie Elliot's old house in Brome

Alfie Elliot's old house in Brome

Harry in the Alms House back garden

Harry plays with Sarah's tool kit

Gabes legs it to the end of the garden

We give Sarah a lift down to Diss station

Isobel and Harry in Morrisons

Unbelievably-fascist parking in Morrisons

Harry and Isobel eat sushi in the car park

Inflatable banana and palm tree in Fersfield

Max is on stage

Sherpa Tensing's Himalayan Beat

The band sets up

The DJ potters around

Rob and Max

A massive inflatable spider lurks

Max tunes up

One of the band's weirder green rooms

The crowds below

The band poses for a photo

There's a mini firework display

More fireworks

Jo and Rob do some mingling

Henry's kit is all green

Max checks his tuning again

Electricity pylons and wind turbines at Stuston