The Queen's Village Hall Birthday, Brome, Suffolk - 12th June 2016

The Queen's 90th birthday celebrations warrant a barbeque-with-music thrash up the village hall

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Grandad and co hang around outside the village hall

Marc shoves some food in

Harry eyes up his 'cheese food slice' suspiciously

Inside the village hall

A heap of celebration cup-cakes

Gary and the gang do the barbeque

Old Man West rocks up for a burger

Fred cycles around

Flowers and beer

Suey and Harry talk about cakes whilst Isobel has eaten a wasp

There's a minor panic as it starts raining

Marc in the bar

Outside, hardier guests shelter under an umbrella

Harry hangs his purse from his ear for some reason

The Boy Phil: small child tormenter

Harry is all 'hands up'

There's lots of gesturing going on

Marc interacts with Harry

Harry pretends to be a bridge

Amelia and Fred bounce around

Isobel and Harry look at some goats

Harry flings some grass in for the goats

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Grandad and co hang around outside the village hall