Fred's cling-on dinosaur plays double-bass

Fred's cling-on dinosaur plays double-bass

A mysteriously derelict house on Victoria Road

The boys in Morrisons

Fred and Harry show off their new Hot Wheels

Harry gets a haircut down at John Doe's

Max, Rob and Billy at Framingham Earl

The band hang out in the Railway Tavern

Another pub, another set up

Rob, Billy and Max chat over a beer

Fred does more Lego

Fred stands by a tree and waves

Harry and Isobel head off to The Swan

Golden autumn leaves

Golden yellow trees

A carpet of pale green leaves

A pile of small mushrooms

A bright blue flower

The inside of Victoria Wines is rebuilt

Harry and Fred have some purple squash

Fred pulls a face

One of Fred's special labels

Harry helps with the apple harvest

Harry waves a bucket around

Isobel and Harry get ready to pick apples

Boris - Stripey Cat - helps by sitting in a box

Harry helps with buckets

Harry's got a couple of buckets

Boris sits around and watches

Harry and Boris

Nosher in the orchard

Grandad helps out too

This year's crop - some 230 kilogrammes

Grandad does some pruning