A Trip to Framlingham Castle, Framlingham, Suffolk - 16th February 2014

Fred's learning about castles at school, so it's handy that there's a large one more-or-less on the doorstep in Framlingham. Plus, it's a nice day for it...

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Fred chases Harry around with a sword

A stone head

Inside a huge old bread oven

Isobel and Fred do some rubbings

Fred's captured Gabes

'The Cottage', in the grounds of the castle's Bailey

A view from the ramparts towards Framlingham College

Fred in his knight's costume

Fram castle from the ramparts

Fred looks out

A nose-less plaque of Mary Tudor

In a small museum, a random Apple ][ Europlus

More random old hardware: a 1950s telephone

Fred builds a chimney

Isobel scopes for picnic snacks in Fram's Co-Op

Framlingham town centre

In a butcher's shop - a comedy sausage trophy

Fred's new chum Eugene knocks over a big stack of blocks

Harry trundles around with a helmet over his head

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Fred chases Harry around with a sword