A Bit More Steam, Bressingham Steam Museum, Norfolk - 26th August 2013

It's a nice day, it's a bank holiday weekend, and the annual season ticket is about to run out, so we head off to nearby Bressingham Steam Museum for another go of the gallopers, steam trains and a walk in the gardens. The gardens are somewhat like those of Alton Towers - tucked away, somewhat overshadowed by everything else, but well worth a look. A few days before, it's raining so there's nothing much else to do apart from eat a hotdog in the van down by The Mere.

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Mount Street in Diss is closed due to a burst water main

Fred has a drink whilst he eats his sausage

A rain-spattered view of the Diss town sign

Harry eats bread

Fred roams around the gardens of Bressingham

Harry on the gallopers

The Robert Tidman of Norwich stationary steam engine that used to drive the gallopers

An escapeded electric motor unit train

Gaudy decoration on the gallopers

Fred and Isobel spin around

The hand-drawn copper tubes in the boiler of a 1909 steam car

Fred pretends to be asleep on the steam train ride

Fred, Isobel and Harry play crazy golf (Harry, not so much)

The dude puts the boiler back in to the steam car as it nears the end of its restoration

Fred on his favourite: Mavis the diesel shunting engine

Ruston the shunting engine comes over to recover the stranded EMU

Wheel bogey built by the long-defunct BR Timken works

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Mount Street in Diss is closed due to a burst water main