The BBs at Hengrave Hall, Hengrave, Suffolk - 18th August 2013

It's another event, this time at the rather smart Hengrave Hall (a former monastery and once visited by Elizabeth I), a few miles outside Bury St. Edmunds. The "Green Room" is certainly a step up from the usual breezeblock back-stage cubicle on offer. On the downside, there's a noise limiter fitted, so Hentry brings his electronic kit, which can be turned down, unlike the real thing.

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Henry sets his 'electro' kit up

It's interesting watching a wedding service happen from the 'back room'

Bistro café tables through mediaeval glass

We were in a maze of twisty corridors, all alike

The band does some sound-checking

The Green Room (although we didn't end up using it)

A stack of used champagne glasses

Max lurks near to the food, like a Labrador waiting for floor-scraps

The stage is set

Nice 16th-century windows

Henry and Rob

Outside the back of Hengrave Hall

A slight scary-looking scultpure of some monks

Max, Rob and Henry scope out the cheese table

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Henry sets his 'electro' kit up