Spitalfields and Brick Lane Street Art, London - 10th August 2013

Nosher, Isobel and The Boys head down to London for a spot of lunch with Caoimhe "The Shoe", at a brasserie/grill called The Luxe, situated on the edge of the Old Spitalfield Market on Commercial Street. Following lunch, we wander around the backstreets between there and Brick Lane, exploring the street art and dereliction as well as street food and the Rough Trade record shop.

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Isobel and Harry on the train

Fred and Harry peer out of the window as the train rolls in to Liverpool Street

Passengers pile off the train on platform 9

Fred looks comically glum by a metal sculpture near Spitalfields Market

Caoimhe and Isobel chat in Luxe restaurant

Harry looks a little glum

Spitalfields Market

Fred hangs around in front of a classic old Mercedes

Fred messes about

Caoinhe looks at stuff in a clothes shop

Isobel and Caoimhe

Fred on some steps

Harry scoffs ice cream

Fred's up a tree as Harry roams about

Caoimhe says goodbye

Stickered gas meter and wall art off Commercial Street

Isobel and Fred on a London back street

A graffitoed roller shutter

Street food

Rough Trade East: a proper record shop

Fred and Isobel look at masks on Brick Lane

More street art

Street art by the railway line

Fred, Gabes and Isobel


Everyone's out with their camera

Cartoon art

Derelict building and graffiti

Another derelict and painted building

Fred in his Spider Man/Mexican wrestling mask

Some almost-porn graffiti

A funky painting entitled 'Liminal'

A hundred padlocks on a wire fence

Part of the extensive network of derelict empty buildings that run above and alongside the mainline railway

Massive graffiti writing

There's a bit of an altercation involving an outdoor mini-theatre and a massive stack of speakers

The Spitalfields goat

Liverpool Street station

Fred walks past a pair of Class 90 locos

The Victorian ironwork of Liverpool Street

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Isobel and Harry on the train