In The Hub, the SK nerd-fest is under way

In The Hub, the SK nerd-fest is under way

David points intently at something

Tom has a look of ennui

Jaley does a presentation

Jaley looks over at some Clojure code

There's a demo involving a Kinect

More Kinetic deomstrating

Precious has a go of Lachie's Kinect-based demo

Tom looks a bit 'Meh'

Someone has put foam in the fountains again

Nelson's Column

Some knob takes a photo with a poo-pad

Trees in front of South Africa House

Another foamy fountain

St. Martin in the Fields church

The tower of St. Martin in the Fields

A giant blue cockerel is on the Fourth Plinth

This fountain is only partly foamy

At the base of Trafalgar Square

The lions haven't changed much since the 80s

Street scene and buses

The palace of Westminster

Some dude on a horse

The Elizabeth Tower, a.k.a 'Big Ben'

The Haymarket in the gathering dusk

The morning after a night spent dossing on the floor

A SwiftKey 'installation'