Isobel's 'armadillo' opens up

Isobel's 'armadillo' opens up

Isobel in the kitchen

The bump increases

Boris - Stripey Cat - sits on a chair

Amaryllis stamens are lit up by winter sunshine

Fred stuffs sausage into his face

Fred waves his serviette around

The closed-down 'Nutbush' already looks derelict

Grandad helps build a Lego fire engine in Amandines

Grandad and Fred in Amandines

Rob has a twang in the Millenium Complex

The BBs are back at The Swan for a rehearsal

On the rails near Liverpool Street

Graffiti on a building near Liverpool Street

Nosher's favourite toothy pink monster graffiti

The last few days as a National Express service

Another attempt to get Liverpool Street's entrance

In Nando's, menus are inspected

Wei looks over

TouchType discussions occur

Doug cleans a tooth pick

The chandeliers of Nando's

Under-the-railway arches near Ewer Street

A folding chair, that looks like it's in disgrace

Ben and Jon and a pile of champagne

Andy and Rhodri chat

James Hay pours out some fizz

A toast from Mark the investor

Ben, Mark and Jon

Isobel and Fred on the platform at Diss

Fred on Platform One at Diss

The line to London

Class 90 loco 90003 hauls in the 07:57 to London

Isobel heads off

Passengers pile in to the Mark 3 coach

A Mark 3 carriage in NXEA livery

The rear end DVT heads off

Kelly the dispatcher heads off back to the office