January Miscellany: Grandad Sets Fire to Stuff, Suffolk - 22nd January 2012

A true miscellany: (Fred's) Grandad sets fire to a big pile of stuff in the garden for a bit of a burn up; Boris the Stripey Cat gets a carnation to wear; it's Chickens' birthday, so we're out for a spot of Chinese food at Lee's Cottage in Eye, then it's a rainy day in Diss, as Isobel forgets about her "Cafecito Español", but happens to be in Amandines anyway.

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The Ol' Fishing Spot is popular on Diss Mere today

Andy the sausage dude peers out from his van for a moment

There's an explosion of birds over the Mere

Intense flames

Grandad looks away from his conflagration

Wood turns to ash in the consuming flames

Fred comes to see what's occurring

Grandad pokes the fire

The new camera gets tried out on a star-trail shot - just 30 minutes this, but Betelgeuse can be seen in orange just above the tree

Another star trail - the three hot, young (blue) stars of Orion's Belt stick out nicely above-right of the tree

Suzanne and Clive in Lee's Cottage

Isobel, Suzanne and Clive discuss stuff

Wandering through the streets of Eye

Fred's latest Lego creation

Pump Hill in Diss, through a rainy windscreen

Looking back down to the market place - the new (old) motor waits in the rain

Sue comes over to say hello to Fred in Amandines

Isobel and the Cafecito Español

Boris - Stripey Cat - has a carnation stuck to his head

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The Ol' Fishing Spot is popular on Diss Mere today