Barbeque at the Swan, Suffolk - 5th August 2011

Nosher's Old Chap (and Fred's granddad) visits for the weekend, along with Emily. On Saturday, it's Rob and Wilma's wedding, so Emily and the Old Chap look after Fred for the afternoon (or is Emily looking after both of them?). On Sunday, there's a BSCC barbeque over at The Swan...

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The Old Chap sits and watches

Sylvia and Claire man the barbeque

Fred and Matthew make pies out of sand

Fred and Emily play in the pit

Queueing for food

Matthew comes over to help

Sylvia piles up some corn-on-the-cob

Sylvia gets left alone eating

Apple and The Boy Phil

Sue and Jessica

Matthew lines up a googly as Paul waits to bat

Claire lobs the ball up for a six

Sue interacts with Fred

A Brobdignagian scene: Bill is pinned down by Jessica and Matthew

Oak prepares to slide down

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The Old Chap sits and watches