Fred gets an early present from Martina

Fred gets an early present from Martina

Fred has a smile

Wavy with Oak

Fred opens another present

Boris comes to investigate

Both cats are interested now

Fred gets a book about cats

Fred gets a new Brio railway sat

The Brio railway is set up

Fred plays with trains

We head off to the Swan

Fred on the pub floor

Isobel and Fred in the Oaksmere's grounds

The Oaksmere's misty drive

It's sprog-tastic up at the Swan

Oak and Wavy

Isobel chats to Carmen

A crowded pub

Isobel has a beer

Paul tidies up

The pub creche

Mikey P adds to the sprog pile

The pub is crowded with sprogs

Clare, Marc and Suey

Bill chats to Marc

Baby Jack's on the floor

The Swan, with Alan at the bar

Fred and Martina

Paul reaches for his beer

Marc waves, as John and Arline sit at the bar

Fred's got a mini transformer

Suey, Fred and Isobel dance

Back on the Oaksmere's drive

Fred and Isobel

Fred stumps about in the leaves

Fred in the sun

The Oaksmere/Cornwallis

Hand in hand

Millie tries out her 'Cat Fun Tunnel'

Isobel toasts Christmas dinner

Fred and Isobel

Fred's got a golden cracker hat

Fred with a hat

Nosher reaches over for food

Fred eats something

Nosher and Fred

Fred pokes the table with a knife

Nosher plays with Fred's Brio train set

The Christmas pudding is on fire

Isobel and Fred outside Norwich Cathedral

Isobel in the nave at Norwich

The nave of Norwich Cathedral

Norwich's grand stained glass window

Fred goes running off round the cloisters

Fred out in the cloister close

More cloister exploration

A view of Norwich's spire

Fred gets a bedtime story in his room

Fred and Isobel on the heath

We go for a walk at Knettishall Heath

Isobel and Fred walk through the woods

Fred stumps about

Winter trees

Isobel waits

Fred stomps in a puddle

Fred in the woods

Fred enjoys splashing in puddles