Fred and Amelia

Fred and Amelia

Amelia and Fred are head to head

US Army wagons

A very shiny black Plymouth

One of our heads is missing

Isobel spots a cool red mushroom

On the platform at Holt

Holt station

J15 engine 65462 pulls in to Holt

Clive roams the carriages in his USAAF pilot gear

Fred points

Fred watches the world go by

A visit from the army

Milling throngs on Sheringham station

Isobel, Fred and the 1940s contingent

On the platform at Sheringham

Clive and Suzanne's friends gather for a photo

What would Churchill have enjoyed for tea?

Clive gets the ice-cream in Sheringham

Isobel and Suzanne on the seafront at Sheringham

Clive comes back from the bin

Fred points at stuff

The slipway at Sheringham

Hanging around in Sheringham

End-of-the-world skies over the sea at Sheringham

Sheringham seafront

The shops are all in on the 1940's thing

Hospital van outside the Lobster

Isobel and Suzanne push babies up the High Street

An original Routemaster bus outside the station

More 40s action on the platforn

The buffet at Sheringham Station

Waving a gun around

A steam train pulls in

Clive and Suzanne with Fred and Amelia

30777 Sir Lamiel on the platform

A reconstructed bombed French building

The Class 777 steam loco 30777 Sir Lamiel

The engine driver chats to someone

A packed platform

Someone takes a photo

Piles of vintage luggage

A couple of vintage touches

On the platform

The train despatcher waits

Between two trains

The train pulls in to Weybourne

Clive sticks his head out of the window

Holt station comes equipped with actual gas lights

Evacuee girls on the platforn

Amelia and Isobel

Sir Lamiel at Holt

Suzanne and Isobel at Holt Station

Three red fire buckets

A bunch of discarded telegraph poles

Clive's mate tests out his search light

Fred in the van

Fred as a Skelington

Fred peers out of Clive and Suzanne's caravan

A blue Austin Seven

Class J15 65462 at Holt

65462 on the platform

A load of vintage cars

Isobel dresses up in Womens' Land Army gear

A song from the USO

A nice staff car

More singing from the USO

A quick stop at Kelling Heath

The train at Weybourne

Weybourne station

Trains pass at Weybourne

A crowded station

65462 prepares to leave

A Dads' Army re-enactment

Dads' Army pretends to take away a downed Luftwaffe pilot

The Weybourne waiting room

Clive gets ice creams

A vintage motorcycle

GWR 56xx train 5619 pulls out of Weybourne station

Some dude takes photos of the steam train with a proper old plate camera

The Andrews Sisters, sort of

Fred and Isobel

Full steam ahead

65462 steams out of Weybourne station

65462 pulls away from the bridge

65462's engine driver

Hanging out by a Willy's jeep

Land girls on Weybourne station

Weybourne signal box

The signal box

Sir Lamiel steams in from Kelling

GWR class 5600 5619 at Weybourne

The Stanier Black Five 'George Stephenson'

Land Girls

40s scenes

Nosher and Isobel

Clive drives us around in the Chrysler Royale

A nice old Bristol bus at Sheringham

Clive's Chrysler outside Sheringham station

Like a 1940s juke box

Almost implausibly time-warped photo: steam train and 1941 Chrysler

The train heads over a bridge

Fred with Silky Sue

The BBMF Lancaster flies in

A Lancaster bomber flies over low

Amelia and Clive