Pippa, Jill and Spam in the Railway

Pippa, Jill and Spam in the Railway

Apple looks over

Spammy looks reflective

A very faint Perseid meteor at the bottom of the photo

Isobel and Fred down by the Mere in Diss

A bottle of Bolly, and pepper-and-tomato sauce

Fred on a blanket

Isobel reads The Boy a story

The camper-van awning

Fred and Isobel have a spot of dinner

Fred watches a spot of Charlie and Lola from his bedroom den

Isobel and Fred in Thetford Forest

Isobel and Fred on a log

Fred points at stuff

A path through the forest

Isobel pushes the buggy, as Fred tags alongside

Some funky mushrooms

A gill-edged mushroom

A pulled-up miushroom

A snail does its thing

The camper van in its spot

Martina, Suey and Carmen

Uncle Mick, DH and The Boy Phil

Fred in Paul and Claire's garden

Carmen chats to Martina and Wavy

Over at Matthew's party, Fred has a go on a digger

A load of kids pile onto Bill

Paul sorts the barbeque out

Lorraine comes over for a fill-up

Fred and Jessica eat inside

Garden guests

Fred on a mini trampoline

There's smoke in the garden over at Bill's

Matthew tries a spot of unicycling

Mikey P's got a toy on his head

Matthew's upside down

Gov and Molly

The Boy Phil tumbles Fred upside down

Late night in Bill's garden

Suey hides

Carmen tries mind-reading