The First Proper Campervan Trip, Norfolk - 15th August 2010

It's the first "overnight" test of the campervan, as we stay at a "proper" camp site over near Great Hockham on the edge of Thetford Forest in Norfolk. This time we even have matches to light the fire, and in accordance with the "rules" of campervan life, we also have a bottle of Bollinger champagne - donated as a wedding present by Dave "Trotsky" off of Australia. Cheers Dave! On our return to Suffolk, we're off to Matthew's birthday party around Claire and Paul's in nearby Eye.

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Pippa, Jill and Spammy in the Mellis Railway Tavern, on a Thursday bike ride

A very faint Perseid meteor can be seen streaking down towards the lit-up tree at the bottom of the photo

Isobel and Fred down by the Mere in Diss

A bottle of Bolly, and pepper-and-tomato sauce

Isobel reads The Boy a story

Fred and Isobel have a spot of dinner

Fred watches a spot of Charlie and Lola from his bedroom den

Isobel and Fred in Thetford Forest

Fred points at stuff

Some mushrooms

More forest fungus

A little cluster of mushrooms

The camper van in its spot

Over at Matthew's party, Fred has a go on a digger

Bill is over-run by sprogs

Paul does some sterling work on the barbeque

Garden guests

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Pippa, Jill and Spammy in the Mellis Railway Tavern, on a Thursday bike ride