The stash of notes used to buy a campervan

The stash of notes used to buy a campervan

A nice view out of the plane window

The sun lingers on the horizon for a second

The Dublin Port tunnel - expensive and underused

The Scars Run Deep, on East Wall Road

A Kilkee roadsign in the Punchbowl

In The Punchbowl, Williamstown

The Old Punchbowl

The road through Blackrock

Isobel and Fred in Monkstown

We walk up to the shops

Fred in Cameron's 'meat shop'

Fred and Isobel

Isobel helps Philly with a sling

A walk in the woods

A cool red mushroom

Isobel and Fred in the dark woods

Fred roams about

A dog with a stick, in the river

Philly does his 'Ray Mears' thing

Philly considers a dam

Fred pokes a stick in the river

The Boy pokes about by the river

A riverside picnic

Davida and a pram

A picnic occurs by the river

Fred's got a banana

Philly checks the sleeping baby

Davida chops up some fruit

Isobel gives Fred a hug

The river flows by

The river in Devil's Glen

A sleeping baby

Fred eats something

Paddling in the water. This is the happiest day of my life

Fred and Isobel walk around

Philly on a rock

Philly clambers over rocks

Fred and Isobel

Fred shouts at something

Fred climbs on a rock

A bench with a Seamus Heaney quote

Philly does some whittling

Davida looks up at the trees

Rain on some leaves

Fred's got two sticks now

Walking down the hill

A beetle pootles about

Ivy slowly climbs up a tree

Caro, Wayne and Isobel in the Gorls' back garden

We move inside

Caro sticks her hands up

Fred hangs around at Dublin airport

Fred chortles as Isobel looks on

Fred does a 'chad'

A Ruinair 737-800 aeroplane loads up from the rear

Stansted Airport's 'Norman Foster' terminal