A Weekend in County Dublin, Ireland - 31st July 2010

It's over to the Vicinity of Blackrock in Co. Dublin again for a day. Isobel and The Boy have been over for a week already, and Nosher rocks up on the Friday night. The day after a stop off for a couple of jars of Guinness, we meander over to Greystones via Bray, and then on to a walk in Devil's Glen.

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A large wedge of cash used to buy the campervan. Wonga!

The sun lingers on the horizon for a second, as we fly over the Irish Sea

The tunnel from the airport to Dublin Port - built at great cost and largely unused

The local: The Old Punchbowl, Williamstown

Fred and Isobel, with Nosher, go to visit Cameron's 'meat shop' in Monkstown

A mushroom

Fred roams about

Philly does his 'Ray Mears' thing

The Boy pokes about by the river

A picnic occurs by the river

A plaque, mounted on concrete in the ground reads 'Paddling in the water. This is the happiest day of my life'

Fred shouts at something

Fred climbs on a rock. With a tee-shirt that reads 'rock', and his classy 'SpongeBob' tatts

A Seamus Heaney quote: 'To be marvellously yourself like the river water...', carved in the back of a bench

Ivy curls round a tree trunk on its slow march to the top

Back at The Girls' pad, a barbeque

Kitchen action

Fred hangs around at Dublin airport

Fred chortles as Isobel looks on

A Ruinair 737-800 aeroplane loads up from the rear

Stansted Airport's 'Norman Foster' terminal (as used on every advert with an airport, ever) from the final approach

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A large wedge of cash used to buy the campervan. Wonga!