June Miscellany: A Taptu Picnic, and Wedding Guests Arrive, Cambridge and Suffolk - 1st July 2010

It's Chris Moisan off of Taptu's last day, and in time-honoured tradition it's time for a picnic featuring an inordinate amount of pizza, down by the lake in the middle of the Science Park in Cambridge. Later on, as a few of the early wedding guests arrive, we head up to the Swan for a presentation of card and gift from the Brome Swan Cycling Club, which includes an actual camper van (well, it was 1:15 scale...)

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The Boy roams around the garden in his 'Sex Pistols' tee-shirt

Fred the Head and Isobel in the garden

Down in the Science Park, by the lake, it's Chris Moisan's last day at Taptu

It's a real pizza-fest as Steve reaches over for salad

Chris digs out a bit of salad

Celia wears a pink cowboy hat

Kristian models 'the hat'

Kristian decides that the hat is his thing after all

Mitch Lazar is over from the US

The Taptu massive head back to work

In the office, Mareike hands over a leaving gift

Chris does a bit of a speech

Back at the house, Jen Mac arrives and hangs out in the garden

Cat (Milly the Mooch) comes over to play

Up in the pub, there's a bit of a presentation from the Bike Club

Nosher and Isobel open the card and pressie

Wavy and Oak - the baby

Jen Mac and Eoghan at the bar

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The Boy roams around the garden in his 'Sex Pistols' tee-shirt