The Boy roams around in his 'Sex Pistols' teeshirt

The Boy roams around in his 'Sex Pistols' teeshirt

Fred and Isobel touch noses

Fred the Head and Isobel in the garden

It's Chris Moisan's last day at Taptu

It's a real pizza-fest as Steve reaches over for salad

Brett, Bob and Francis chat

The Taptu gang in the Science Park

A view towards the lake

Pizza in a box

Chris digs out a bit of salad

Celia wears a pink cowboy hat

Lyndsey does the hat

Kristian models 'the hat'

Chris grabs more pizza

Mitch 'the axe' is over from the US

The picnic winds up

The Taptu massive head back to work

In the office, Mareike hands over a leaving gift

Steve roams around

Chris does a bit of a speech

Chris gets some applause

Back at the house, Jen Mac arrives and hangs out

Cat - Millie the Mooch - comes over to play

Jamie and Noddy in the garden

Up at the pub, we get a present from the bike club

A BSCC presentation

Nosher and Isobel open the card and present

Wavy and Oak - the baby

Jen Mac and Eoghan at the bar