The digger in action

The digger in action

It looks like a bomb has gone off

Building wreckage on the Science Park

Fred in the photographer's studio

Fred roams around in a studio

Fred in a Norwich café

Isobel tried to kiss Fred

Disturbing brown liquid drips down a wall in Norwich

A grafitti'd door

Fred and Isobel on White Lion Street

Some, er, 'bright' clothing

The bleak reality of an underground car park

A discarded plastic chair at the Ranch Diner

The derelict diner's entrance

An overturned counter in the Ranch Diner

The Ranch Diner's logo

Another view of the abandoned diner

Grass grows on the way in

An abandoned wheelbarrow

An optimistic 'Let By' sign, abandoned on the ground

It's dinner time at Janet and James

James's Rock-Ola jukebox

The other James ponders

7'-tastic Rock-Ola

A nice spot of pink vinyl