Fred starts off by sleeping

Fred starts off by sleeping

In the restaurant

Apple and Pippa

Alan does a bit of a speech

Alan roams around

DH, Colin and Spammy

John Willy chats to someone by the fruit machine

The scene in the Swan

Apple and a fuzzy Benny

Abigail looks up

Clare looks at Fred

Jackie, Clare, Emily, Katie and Allie with Fred

Andy looks over from the back

Mikey, Andy and DH

Mikey-P, Andy and DH with a beer

Alan behind the bar

Alan in action

Matthew and Abigail behind the bar

Sylvia with Matthew and Abigail

Gloria, Carol, Benny, Gerry, Nigel and Anne

Gloria, Carol and Benny

Sylvia pours out a bottle

Helen at the bar

The view from behind the bar

Dave L chats with Mick the Brick and Marc

Wavy looks over

Nosher's dad, Marc and Sue

Sylvia with a pint

Sylvia and Alan have a dance

Abigail leads Grandma around the pub

The Old Chap and Isobel

Jill chats to Apple at the bar

Pippa chats to Andrea and John

Ian and Alan

Sylvia leads Imogen around

Abigail, Lorraine, Imogen, Sylvia and Matthew

Crowding around looking at photos

Apple, Suey and Pippa look at photos

Helen waves

The Norfolk Massive get ready to leave for the border