The Swan 25th Anniversary, Brome, Suffolk - 14th November 2008

It's 25 years since Alan and Sylvia moved in to the Brome Swan, and to celebrate they have a bit of a knees-up in the pub. Loads of regulars are there to help with the drinking of beer and the eating of nibbles - even Nosher's dad, who hasn't been over for a while, happens to be in town. It's worth re-iterating the 25-years-ness of it all, when you think of how many other pubs change landlords every few months (or years if they're lucky) - it's quite an achievement. Nosher himself has been there for 19 years of it, which is kinda scary (the mind boggles at how many visits to the bogs that must be: 19 years x 52 weeks x 2.5 visits per week x 4 wees per night = around 10,000 trips)

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Fred starts off as he means to go on: by sleeping

Apple and Pip

Alan does a bit of a speech

DH, Colin and Spammy

John Willy (right) chats to someone by the fruit machine

Jackie, Clare, Emily, Katie and Allie all have a look at Fred

Mikey-P, Andy and DH with a beer

Big Al

Matthew and Abigail behind the bar

Gloria, Carol (just), Benny, Benny's brother, Nigel and Anne

Dave L chats with Mick the Brick and Marc

Wavy looks over

Benny with some rabbit-ears

The bar

Meanwhile, in the restaurant, Fred's still sleeping (under his dad [i.e. nosher]'s paintings, hanging on the wall)

Nosher's dad, Marc and Sue

Marc gets stuck in to a chat with Mick

Sylvia and Alan have a dance

Sylvia G

Abigail leads Grandma around the pub

The Old Chap and Isobel

Jill chats to Apple at the bar

The people who Nosher's known for years (but whose names are a mystery)

Ian and Alan

Abigail, Rainey, Imogen, Grandma and Matthew do a handy-hold type thing

Apple stands well back as Sue, Pip and DH scope out old photos

Pippa seems somewhat agitated by the old pics

Helen waves

The Norfolk Massive get ready to leave for the border

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Fred starts off as he means to go on: by sleeping