King's College chapel

King's College chapel

The setting sun glints through Kings College

Gathering crowds and a press pack

Some press dude has a laff about something

The clock is covered up

The crowds on King's Parade/Trumpington Street

An 1867 sign for London & County Bank

The band arrives

Crowds behind barriers

The press pack

The band is ready to play

Some college dude peers out from his study window

University types, including the proctor, stream in

The great and the good arrive

It's getting packed

More VIPs arrive

John Taylor (in the white tux) and Stephen Hawking

VIPs watch the speeches

Stephen Hawking on stage

The 'Chronophage' clock is unveiled

The clock on the corner of Benet Street

John Taylor and Stephen Hawking

Fred Astaire gets ready to do a turn

Adam Hart-Davis is resplendent in checked trousers

Watching the clock

A frenzy of amateur photographers pile in

Fred Astaire poses for tourist photos

Hangers-on look at the clock

The view from Kings Parade

An outside-broadcast van

Cyclists on Kings Parade

On Mill Road, there's a cone on the bus shelter