Isobel on a hospital bed

Isobel on a hospital bed

A foetal heart monitor

Isobel has a quick doze

Isobel is wired into everything

The midwife, Jo, keeps an eye on proceedings

The baby pops out

The infant is introduced to the new mother

Aran, the second midwife, weighs the baby

The baby bawls its head off

The baby weighs in at 3.41kg, or 7lbs 8ozs

Nosher Jr. sits on Isobel after a bit of a clean-up

A very happy mother

Junior models his funky new hat

The baby spends a little time in a box

Nosher sits with the baby in the Lady Mary Ward

Isobel and a feeding baby

A wrinkly tiny foot

Taking a nap

Asleep in the car seat

A big yawn: nestling under a blanket knitted by Spammy

Back at the flat, and ready for a sleep