September Misc: Countryside Stuff and Sis and Matt Visit, Suffolk and Cambridge - 14th September 2008

A round-up of early September miscellany: we have an impromptu picnic in between the rain showers, and there's a rainbow and some discarded furniture in the fields of Suffolk; we bring in another huge batch of plum tomatoes fromthe greenhouse, and Nosher's sister and brother-in-law swing by for the day. Finally, Isobel and Nosher go for a wander up Brome Street to see the church.

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Isobel stands in a stubble field

We eat a random picnic on the boot of the car

In Cambridge, under the railway bridge on Coldham's Common, some has let their feelings be known

A train trundles over the bridge

Between Wetherden and Haughley Green: a partial, but bright, rainbow

A discarded garden chair litters a lay-by

The strange saga of the Finningham White Horse continues: the entire front of the recently-re-rendered building has fallen off or been removed.

In the kitchen, Isobel inspects the tomato and salad harvest

Bright red plum tomatoes

A Suffolk sunset

Matt, Sis and Isobel watch the ducks on the Mere in Diss

A quack-duck with a dirty neck

A duck creates some rather nice concentric ripples around itself

Iz, Sis and Matt wonder what to do next

We trundle up St. Nicholas Street

Nosher and Isobel have milkshakes in Les Amandines Café in Diss

A rather nice stained-glass window in Brome church

It's a stunning window for a village church to have

Close-up ironwork on the door to Brome church

Many a flint makes up this wall

Flint and mortar

A farm resevoir, some waving grasses and a distant church conspire to look like picturesque wetlands, or a view of Blythburgh church

A sign warning of impending moo-cows has a nice, cracked, patina

Isobel and the bump: just about ready to pop

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Isobel stands in a stubble field