A Brief Time in History: Stephen Hawking and the Corpus Christi Clock, Cambridge - 19th September 2008

World-famous brain-box Stephen Hawking makes an appearance in the centre of Cambridge to officially open a new clock. The clock was built by kettle thermostat inventor John Taylor, and sits on a corner of Corpus Christi on Benet Street in Cambridge. After an introduction by Taylor (who frequently referred to The Prof as "Hawkin" or "Hawkins", like he might have been a long-lost brother of the guys out of the band "The Darkness"), Hawking gets his robot voice out for a large crowd clustering around the covered clock. Even TV's Adam Hart-Davis is amongst the invited group of the great and the good.

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The setting sun glints through Kings College

Gathering crowds and a press pack

Some press dude has a laff about something

There's even a brass band on the go

Some college dude peers out from his study window over the proceedings below

University types stream in from stage left

John Taylor (in the white tux) and Prof. Hawking

The crowds are aghast

The kettle-thermostat-guy reads his speech

Stephen Hawking

The 'Chronophage' clock is unveiled

The assembled masses

The press steam in for a close-up. Nosher is reluctant to try his 'I've had photos in the Diss Express' line

Fred Astaire gets ready to do a turn

Adam Hart-Davis off of 'What the [Tudors|Romans|Victorians] did for us' resplendent in checked trousers

An adult and small boy creep up, curiously, to the chronophage

A frenzy of amateur photographers pile in after the cordons are removed

A close-up of the clock, with the towers of Kings College reflected in the glass

Fred Astaire poses for tourist photos

Kings Parade: cycles ahoy

The next day, on Mill Road, someone has perched a cone on the roof of a bus shelter

Back in Brome, Maurice Hammond's new Mustang tears arounf the Suffolk sky. Nosher's camera's CCD needs some cleaning...

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The setting sun glints through Kings College