The profile of the head

The profile of the head

A cool slice through the head

Derelict Mark 2 coaches at Cambridge Station

Rush-hour commuters mill around at King's Cross

The Mere at Diss

The Hoxon Hundred do something with sticks

Ladies with hoops of flowers

Dancing at the Mere

Morris dancers hang around

The band

The hoop ladies have a dance

Music and Morris at Mere's Mouth

The men from Greenwich do the stick thing

Morris dancing near the public toilets

Wave your hankies in the air like you just don't care

All the Greenwich Morris-dudes are in the air

Diss Park and Mere

A band sets up at the 'Pagoda'

A young band plays in the pvaillion

A teenage Emo band gives it some

Blowing bubbles

A group of teenagers hang out, enjoy the music and text each other

Crowds in the park

The lead singer talks to the crowds

A graffiti demonstration occurs

A dude shows how to tag a wall

Two women in sumo-wrestler suits

The band clear up

Rick Wakemand chats to the crowds

Rick Wakeman prepares to cut the ribbon

Rick Wakeman gets the mural painters on stage

Rick signs a few autographs

There's a hog roast going on

A view over 'Big Park' and Diss Mere