May Miscellany 2: Morris Dancing and Music, Diss and SprogScan 2 - 30th May 2008

The day after Nosher's birthday, we are at Addenbrooke's hospital for "Scan 2 - the sequel". As it's part of a medical monitoring trial, we get a long and very detailed scan, which is really cool, and includes highlight such as Doppler imaging of the blood flow in and out of the four chambers of the heart. The following weekend, Nosher and Isobel wander in to Diss on the Saturday morning for the usual sausage and food-gathering activities, to find that there seems to be rather a lot of things going down. Firstly, a whole bunch of Morris Dancing kicks off by the Mere, featuring the "Hoxne Hundred" and a visiting group from Greenwich, London who were apparent on some kind of bus-man's holiday. After that, there's some kind of music festival in "Big Park". The festival is opened by local celebrity Rick Wakeman, off of 70's prog-rock group Yes and more recently, T.V's "Grumpy Old Men". It's a totally sunny and action-packed day.

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The profile of the head can clearly be seen, as well as the four fingers of the hand, just above the nose

A cool slice through the head, showing the outline of the skull, and even the mid-line between the two hemispheres of the brain (the two lobes of which can also be made out)

Some derelict rolling stock at Cambridge Station

Rush-hour commuters mill around at King's Cross station, as Nosher waits to return from a trip to Apple HQ in London

The Hoxne Hundred do something with sticks. Richard Branson sticks his hand in the air

Ladies with hoops of flowers

The men from Greenwich do the stick thing

Leaping about

Wave your hankies in the air like you just don't care

The accompanying musicians

Some sort of Martial-arts fusion is going on here, as nunchucks are waved about

All the Greenwich Morris-dudes are in the air

A teenage Emo band gives it some

Blowing bubbles

A group of teenagers hang out, enjoy the music and text each other

A Diss obelisk (a bit like the one out of 2001 - A Space Oddessy)

A dude shows how to tag a wall

A woman in a sumo-wrestler suit

Rick Wakeman is about to open the event - in particular the unveiling of the new mural at the back of the stage

Rick Wakeman gets the mrual painters to join him on stage

Rick signs a few autographs

A view over 'Big Park' and Diss Mere

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The profile of the head can clearly be seen, as well as the four fingers of the hand, just above the nose