Taptu's content-curation area gets new walls

Taptu's content-curation area gets new walls

Taptu's new office walls

The first view out of the hotel

The view out of our hotel bedroom window

Alan, Sue and Isobel eat breakfast

Bill checks up for any text messages

We wander down Watling Street into town

Stacked timber-frame building

Thaxted's old guildhall

The water pump on Town Street

Hanging around outside Waylett's shop

Sue and Isobel pause to look at cat flaps

We consult a map and find we've gone the wrong way

Jen and Simon at the first stop in Great Bardfield

The Boy Phil checks his phone

Isobel with Jen and Simon

The Bell Inn's beer garden

A garage full of junk

The whole village is full of rummage sales

Great Bardfield High Street

The bike club is heading off

Alan models his legs

Milling around before we leave

Apple John heads off to unlock his bike

A pile of bikes

Phil, Jen, Bill and Isobel on a steep hill

Alan at the bar

Isobel and Apple in the Fox at Finchingfield

Isobel sits by the piano

Apple John tends to his beer

Phil, Suey and Bill

Silhouettes around the pool table

We play a bit of Stick Game

Bill takes a shot

Jen cues up as The Boy Phil watches

Apple and Pippa look out over Finchingfield

Red-brick bridge and pond, Finchingfield

The Fox Inn, Finchingfield

Pippa and Apple cross the road

More Stick Game action

The Boy Phil reads the paper

A bunch of motorbikes rumble off

Finchingfield Post Mill

Alan sits outside the Bluebell Inn, Hempstead

Sue roams around outside the Bluebell Inn

The Boy Phil and Bill outside the Bluebell

Bill flakes out on the bench

Alan waits on Church Lane

A bench somewhere

Almshouses and Windmill, Thaxted

The Church of St. John the Baptist

Sue, Marc and The Boy Phil read the dinner menu

John Webb's mill in Thaxted

The green fields of Essex

John Webb's Windmill, Thaxted

Isobel says hello to a horse

Isobel feeds a horse some tasty long grass

The horse nuzzles The Bump

The lane back to the church

A friendly ginger cat tags along for a while

Isobel strokes the ginger cat

The cat watches us from the wall

Our residence for the weekend: The Swan hotel, Thaxted