A truly contrasting view from the hotel

A truly contrasting view from the hotel

Tralee almost-dereliction

Isobel on the beach

Seashore and hills

The road to Dingle

Up in the Connor Pass

Connor Pass waterfall

A car park on the Connor Pass

A babbling brook

Dramatic hills in Connor Pass

Isobel sits by Lough Doon

Isobel stands on a scarp edge

Sheep on the Connor Pass

Isobel clambers on some rocks

The Connor Pass waterfall again

A view from up a hill

The viewpoint is popular

A barrier across the view

Isobel checks on The Bump

We wander down back to the car

Main Street in Dingle has a parade

The Irish tricolour waves

A pipe and drum band passes

There's a mass of Irish flutes

A bunch of sunflowers

White skirts by An Gailearai Beag

Some clowns climb up Main Street

Slightly creepy pipes and drums

A bagpipe band

The parade heads up Dingle's Main Street

Children with a big green banner

A worried girl gets a piggyback

The end of the parade

A cat peers out of a window

A carved tree

The very blue Dick Mack's

A Capoeira drum workshop

The drums workshop by Sheehy's Corner

In a bar

A dude plays some sort of pipe drone

Another view of the bar

Inside a Dingle pub

The Dog House food van

A mad street band

The street band plays Dingle

Isobel sits on a windowsill

James Long bar

Dingle harbour

An abandoned shopping trolley

A heap of colourful discarded oil drums

Old tyres and oil drums

Fisherman untangle fishing nets

Multi-coloured fishing nets

An old winch

There's another drum workshop happening

The horror-film clowns walk past

The scary pipe-and-drum band again

The beach near Slea Head

On the beach

Isobel in the dunes

Another view of the beach

Isobel walks the sand

There's a dead seabird on the beach

A tin-roofed shed near the Fahan Clochán

We climb up to the Fahan beehive huts

One of the Fahan clochán

Isobel in the beehive huts

Another stone huts

Stone walls up in the hills

Another beach

Dolphin sculptures in Dingle

Barry's Tea and Tayto crisps

In a bar

Coloured glass chess pieces

In a crowded bar

A packed Dingle bar

A view through a pub door

The lads hang out like teenagers

A Dingle fish bar

Isobel eats fish and chips

Derelict land and a discarded sign

The tiny Kerry Airport

The fields of Ireland

Somewhere over Essex

An American Airlines 777 at Stansted

A fuel pump gets plugged into the apron supply

Apple blossom in the garden