Another Ruinair flights loads up at Stansted

Another Ruinair flights loads up at Stansted

Out flight loads up

An Easyjet flight takes off from Stansted

Our Ruinair plane on the ground at Kerry Airport

In the church

Bridesmaids walk up the aisle

The service commences

The register is signed

Milling around after the event

Waiting in the porch

Jenny waits in the porch for the rain to stop

Modern stained glass

More nice stained glass

The church is full

The stained-glass window

Umbrella in the rain

Isobel shelters under her rain mac

Umbrellas all round

Paul shelters Jenny with a huge golf umbrella

The couple get into a British taxi

Guests pile out of the chapel

Walking up the road

A church in the rain

A nice old Austin Riley and a London Black Cab

At the reception in Ballyseede Castle

Nice rooms at the castle

A classic wedding photo

The bridesmaid runs around

The official photographer does her thing

A wedding kiss

Standing by a piano

The bride and bridesmaid

Another official photo

Milling around after the wedding

Paul and Jenny stand by an open door

Time for apéritifs

Isobel in her Joan Baez dress

Caoimhe gives a bit of a shout

Barry and Gary


A waitress roams around

Gary looks quizzical

Caoimhe and Mafé

The couple enter the room

Isobel and Nosher

Gary is reflected

The cake is cut with a sword

Barry does a speech

Barry's speech continues

The bride's father

Jenny says a few words

Nosher plays piano

The first dance

Major wedding boogying

A bunch of girls dance togeter

Atomic Chicken provide the music

A couple of lads aren't sure about dancing

Proper wedding dancing

Barry does his thing

This must be YMCA

James gets down

Caoimhe dances

The lads have a moment

Barry gets kicked in the nuts (not really)

Legs up

Isobel chats to Caoimhe

Paul's brother starts off a scratch trad band

A trad musical interlude

Isobel in Ballyseede's entrance hall

Isobel in the throne

Ballyseede Castle at night