Stag Night, Seaside Misc and Hani & Anne's Wedding, Cambridge - 2nd May 2008

Hani and Anne decide to get married - pretty much at the last minute - at the Register Office in Cambridge. Nosher blags a gig as photographer and so gets to go along too. But first, it's a chance for beers at the Castle Inn on Castle Street the week before...

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Hani craftily slurps from his beer

Stef, Conor and Al M

Al, a surprised-looking Nick and Hani

Aerial shot

Dan B and Nosher

Dave B chats with Hani

Dan joins in the conversation

Back in Diss (Norfolk) - the ducks swim around on the Mere

Isobel looks at the fluffy ducklings

We take the MX-5 out to the coast (with the roof down, natch) and eat a picnic on the beach

Picnic paraphernalia on the beach at Walberswick

Walberswick sea-front

In the Burston Crown, it's 'musical improv night'

Milling around, pre wedding, outside the Register Office

Hani and his sister and brother

Anne gets some assistance from her mother

Hani and Anne enter the service

The service commences

Hani sticks the ring on

Signing the register

Hani gives Anne a peck on the cheek

The processional out of the service

Anne's mother flings confetti about

Hani's sister digs in for something to throw

Hani is bombarded from all sides

Nosher's old car has been somewhat modified

An interesting tradition is observed

A heart shape is cut out of a sheet, and the couple walk through it

Hani and Anne exchange a snog under the tree

Hani drives the pimped-out Astra up to the car park

Photos from Isobel as the wedding group goes punting on the Cam

Anne and Hani wait in the punt

Peering around near the Mathematical Bridge

The punt drifts along the Backs by King's College

High Tea is taken

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Hani craftily slurps from his beer