Isobel waves 'Thing on a Stick' at Sophie

Isobel waves 'Thing on a Stick' at Sophie

Soph-bags wanders off

Soph-bags is surrounded by 'thing on a stick'

Isobel reads a baby book to Sophie

Isobel and Cat flake out after all the excitement

Iz peers out over the top of her trashy mag

John, the BBs' deputy bassist for the night

Rob and Henry fiddle about

On the stage at the Carnegie Rooms

Henry looks out over the hall

John, Rob and Jo have beers

The view from Henry's kit

A glass of beer looks at its own reflection

Beer and water talk about life

A stage light through a curtain

Nosher's shirt hangs up

Thetford from behind bars (of a sort)

Henry and his ever-present test drum pads

John and two Robs

A bumblebee gets nectar from a nettle flower

Spring daffodils

Yellow narcissi

A solitary daisy

Sophie on the lawn

A bumblebee on another nettle

Isobel offers up the Thai greeting on Mill Road

Isobel checks the bump on Mill Road

The protest against plans for Tesco continues

Isobel waits with her new-found 70s standard lamp

St. Margaret's church and Cambridge market

Cambridge market looking to Rose Crescent

Another view of Cambridge Market

A back alley

We bump into former Qualcomm colleague James

A stall-holder's trolley outside the town hall

A beat-up Cambridge Evening News stall

Abandoned trolleys with 'CO2' balloons

John with Zack and glass of Shiraz

Caroline and Zack