April Miscellany: Giant Carrots and The BBs in Action - 6th April 2008

An early-April round up of miscellany: The BBs play down near the Essex border at stoke By Nayland, and also up a Toft Monks in Norfolk.There's also a bit of a moment with the macro bellows installed, a glass valve (as in fore-runner of the transistor) and a carrot. Finally, there's a spot of music up at the Yaxley Cherry Tree.

next album: April Miscellany 2: Cat, Bumblebees, The BBs and Cambridge - 22nd April 2008
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Rob tunes up and has a test twang

Rob looks bored as we wait around for ages in the 'Green Room'

Henry thrashes his sticks around

Max has his bright-red 'Hong Kong Ninja-Dragon' shirt on

Nosher gets the macro lens out to take a photo of a thin slice of carrot

Part of an old Mullard PCF802 valve

The base pins of a glass Mullard valve

At Taptu, the mobile World exhibition stand is set up in the corner of the office

At the Yaxley Cherry Tree, the Harvs are playing

Crowd appreciation for The Harvs

Mikey, Gov and Martina

The Boy Phil (left)

Two women dance away on a leather sofa to the music

Mikey-P and Wavy

Mikey-P's on the alco-pops again

Nosher, Izzy and Martina eat one of the Sausage dude's sausages by Diss Mere, on a freezing windy day

Soph-Bags up a tree

The cat gives out a pitiful miaow, and shows off her fangs

Cat roams around in the tree

The lovely barn at the wedding gig the BBs are playing in Toft Monks

Henry, Max and Rob set up, whilst Jo chats

Nosher's mic is ready

Nosher's keyboards face the room

Max mills around under the green glow of his LED lights

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Rob tunes up and has a test twang