March Miscellany, and the Photo That Changes Nosher's Life - 30th March 2008

A round-up of some March Miscellany, including a rather special scan of Nosher and Isobel's sprog, at 12 weeks. But first, Mother and Mike are in the area and get to see the band playing a storming gig at the Banham Barrel. The next day, we meet up for dinner at the Brudenell Hotel in Aldeburgh for some top nosh. Then, a few days later, we head over to Rachel and Sam's for the evening and get a bit of practice in...

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The 12-week scan.

We meet up with Caoimhe in Trattoria Rustica in Norwich

Market in Cambridge, near Trinity College

Cat-up-a-tree: Soph-bags in action

Pigeon feature!

Mother, Mike and Isobel in the Brudenell Hotel, Aldeburgh

Mike animatedly explains something

One of the impressive puddings

Rachel and Lucy

Lucy models her new teeth

Lucy looks inquisitively at the camera

Rachel, Lucy and Sam

At 140 Science Park, Jagex are throwing out a million old mice

A thousand keyboards in a box (Nosher likes photos of repeated objects)

An aerial view of a box of keyboards

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The 12-week scan.