Isobel plays with Soph-bags

Isobel plays with Soph-bags

Nosher and an unimpressed Sophie

Matted roots from grass growing on glass

A clump of grass looks like spring onions

Maggi Hambling's sea shell sculpture

Close-up of the Aldeburgh shell sculpture

Nice reflecting metal-work on the memorial

The sculpture comemorates Benjamin Britten

Dark golden colours in the sunset

Seagulls over the fishing boats on Aldeburgh beach

Soph-bags the cat looks out of the window

A wrecked TV is abandoned on Water Lane

A television appears on Water Lane in Cambridge

Abandoned TV in the street

Isobel in Mai Thai

Birthday-dinner conversation

Matt waits for food in Mai Thai restaurant

There's a bit of excitement as a cake appears

Hannah and Emma

A toast is raised

Hanging out in the Avery pub

Isobel in the Avery

A derelict barn near Liviu's

Liviu and sprog

Liviu the smiling dad

A tiny hand

Christina with baby

The bonfire is roaring away

Burning up an old bed frame

The Salvation Army band plays in Norwich's Haymarket

Sally Army and St. Peter Mancroft

Max looks over

Rob has a test twang

Henry warms up with his sticks

Max and his Ninja Dragon shirt

Henry does more warming up

In the 'green room'

Jo checks the set list

A close-up of a slice of carrot

A macro photo of an old valve