February Miscellany: Aldeburgh, Birthdays and Sprogs - 10th-17th February 2008

Nosher and Isobel pile in to the MX-5 and stick the roof down for a trip to Aldeburgh, and a chance to scoff excellent fish and chips on the beach. Then, in Cambridge - following the spotting of an abandoned TV on the way to work - it's off to Mai Thai restaurant on the edge of Parker's Piece for Emma's birthday, followed by a spot of beer in The Avery. On the way back on the following day, we stop off at Liviu and Christina's to see their new sprog. Finally, Nosher gets round to setting fire to the heap of old boxes and brambles with a late-evening bonfire.

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Nosher and Soph-bags. The cat doesn't look too impressed

Whilst gardening, a large clump of grass is pulled from the greenhouse. Its matted root system is kind of cool

Close up of the base of a clump of grass - it looks like spring onions

The Aldeburgh 'sea shell' memorial

Close-up of the Aldeburgh shell memorial on the beach

Nice reflecting metal-work on the Aldeburgh memorial

The rich colours of the setting sun in the metalwork of the Aldeburgh shell

Seagulls take flight over fishing boats on Aldeburgh beach

Soph-bags the cat looks out of the window upon a frosty day

An abandonned television mysteriously appears on the end of Water Lane in Cambridge

Abandonned TV in the street

Matt waits for food in Mai Thai restaurant

There's a bit of excitement as a cake appears

Hannah and Emma

A toast is raised

Hanging out in the Avery pub

Isobel in the Avery

Near Liviu's house: a derelict barn

Liviu and sprog

Liviu the smiling dad

A brief moment of wakefull-ness

A tiny hand


Nosher's bonfire is roaring away

The flames take hold of an old bed frame

The Salvation Army band plays in Norwich's Haymarket

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Nosher and Soph-bags. The cat doesn't look too impressed