Uppsala, Sweden - 16th December 2007

Our hotel in Gamla Stan - the Victory - is full on Saturday, so we take the hire-car for a trip up north a bit to see the town of Uppsala, which lies about 100km north of Stockholm. It turns out to be a really pleasant excursion, not least because the countryside is nice and frosty everywhere - giving a hint of Christmas snow. In the evening, we eat at the excellent Restaurant Domtrapkälleren, and wander around the pretty University town (at about -7°C). The next day, it's a trip to Gamla Uppsala (Old Uppsala), Sweden's equivalent of Suffolk's Sutton Hoo.

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The church at Gamla Upssala

Pretty winter scene at Gamla Uppsala

Isobel looks at an info board (and doodles in the ice)

Isobel tugs at a frosty tree in order to make fake snow

Frosty trees and a blue sky

Isobel walks in the winter sun

Isobel mills around

Swedish farmhouse (with a large collection of Volkswagen vehicles)

Another rural Swedish scene

A broken tree stump

Some of the Gamla Stan burial mounds

Iz smashes up some ice as the sun sets around around 3pm

Sunset at Gamla Uppsala. The new Uppsala can just be seen on the horizon

Discarded Christmas decorations

A candle

The lit trees of Uppsala

Inside Uppsala's cathedral

Inside the restaurant Domtrappkällaren

Ducks on Uppsala's river

The cathedral by daylight

Old building, Uppsala

The old Grand Cinema, Uppsala

Ducks on a frozen pond

A swan thrashes its wings

The Amsterdam-esque river in Uppsala

A work-crew place lit candles along the river

Not just Cambridge: a mangled bicycle in Uppsala

Steps to the 'Galleri London'

The outside of the restaurant we visited the previous night

Christmas gingerbread in a shop window

Uppsala celebrates Carl Linné (otherwise known as Carl Linnaeus, he of taxonomy fame)

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The church at Gamla Upssala