July Miscellany: Sprogs, Markets and Windmills, Suffolk and Cambridge - July 2007

A round-up of July miscellany: the roaming moo-cows of Coldham's Common and a French Market and music day on Parker's Piece in Cambridge; we visit Rachel and Sam to see their new sprog (and eat some Thai food from the Wrestler's); the BBs play a wedding in Weybread, near Harleston in Norfolk and Nosher stops off at the Billingford windmill on a stormy day.

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Jersey cows roam the cycle path near Cambridge United's football ground

The cows of Coldham's Common

In the distance, it's raining again

Another monsoon downpour occurs outside Sainsbury's on Perne Road

8 500GB disks (4 terabytes!) waiting to be installed

At Tesco's in Milton, some dude realises that maybe he's bought just a little too much shopping

On Jesus Green, Nosher just catches the end of the 'Race for Life'

A French Market occurs on Parker's Piece

A balloon seller

A funky band from Algeria

Cambridge Police wheel out their high-tech mobile Cop Shop

In a tent, flamenco lessons are given

Sam meets us by the back gate, whilst holding Lucy

Isobel holds Lucy



Sam and Lucy

Nosher is diverted by the cool shape of a handprint on an excercise ball

Lucy asleep

Back at Nosher's: Soph-bags the cat scoots around the kitchen under a tea-towel

Cat under a towel

A coach-and-four waits to take away the bride as The BBs set up for the night's gig

Jo dances around as Max plays some notes

Rob shows off his new motor - an MG-B GT

Billingford windmill

Billingford windmill surrounded by trees

A nice shot of Billingford windmill, with an incoming storm on the horizon

The strange remains of a squashed snake on a drain cover

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Jersey cows roam the cycle path near Cambridge United's football ground