Lolly sorts the drinks out

Lolly sorts the drinks out

Phil and Martin

Martin, who's come over from the Netherlands

Jon 'the hair', Sean, Michelle and Isobel

The olds sit around after food

Phil's mum, Bernice, in the kitchen

Jon the Hair has to be somewhere else

There's more food around

Phil's dad, Bob, sets a quiz

Quiz action

Isobel's glass appears to be empty

Michelle and Sean

Sean, Isobel and Michelle outside the village hall

Milling around on the playing field

Inside, some dancing occurs

Phil's birthday cake

Bernice is still in the kitchen

Michelle, Isobel and Lolly chat

Phil scoffs some cake, and is caught in the act

More dancing

The conga line snakes its way outside for a bit


Isobel looks a bit puzzled

Michelle, Bernice and Sean

Sydney sticks her hands on the window

Rowan does the Ash/Ripley scene from Alien

Isobel plays with the kids

Rowan laughs

Rowan's got some cards

Nosher, Sydney and Rowan

Sydney scoops up Holly the cat

Rowan and Sydney

Sydney tumbles upside down

Sydney does some impressive gurning

Isobel's got a frisbee on her head

Family portrait

Nosher and Isobel go for a walk at Setthorns

New Forest trees

Hikers on a path

Isobel puts her phone away

Pausing on a barrier for a moment

Isobel chats to a dog walker at Setthorns

Nosher ties his shoe-lace

An interesting mushroom

A lost 'smiley' badge

Isobel looks at ferns

A nice tree

A sun-dappled New Forest glade

New Forest ponies

Isobel looks at ponies

A mare roams about

A Forest foal gets a drink

Mother and foal

A fisherman on Nosher's favourite groyne

Nosher's groyne, and the Isle of Wight

Isobel sits in the rocks

Isobel has a doze

On Barton beach

A rescue line on a post

A black dog sits on the ridge and surveys the sea

Isobel looks askance

A pale blue beach hut

A woman sits on a bench

There's a barbeque in Sean's back garden

Nosher cooks sausages

Isobel's got some food

Sydney hurls the cat around again

Phil pokes about on a laptop

Nosher and Isobel are in the caravan for the night