Sam meets us by the back gate

Sam meets us by the back gate

Sam, Lucy and Rachel

Isobel holds Lucy


Isobel's got a baby

Sam and Lucy

Lucy gets a feed

We eat Thai food from the Wrestler's

Lucy asleep

Soph-bags the cat scoots around under a tea-towel

Sophie under a towel

Isobel interacts with Sophie and the towel

Soph-bags stands on the bin

A coach-and-four waits to take away the bride

The coach trots off

Henry, Max and Jo outside the marquee

Henry has a quick thrash on the drums

Max does a pose

Max on bass

Jo sticks her hands up

Rob shows off his new motor - an MG-B GT

Billingford windmill

Billingford windmill surrounded by trees

Billingford windmill, with a storm on the horizon

The remains of a squashed Adder on a drain cover