There's a Viking boat on Mere Street

There's a Viking boat on Mere Street

The Vikings outside Clinton Cards

Vikings invade Mere Street

Vikings carry on up to the Market Place

A choir sings outside Diss Publishing

Bindery Sue and Bindery Dave sit by the Mere

The Viking ship has made it back to the Mere

Bindery Sue and Bindery Dave again

Jo's dad behind the wheel of the 1912 Cadillac

The Class of 07 assembles

Rob shakes hands

Cadillac headlights

Jo tries on a comedy hat

The High-Schoolers mingle outside Applewood

Carts and prom-queens

Jo's dad in the wing mirror

Jo looks vaguely S&M in a leather cap with goggles

A gorgeous Aston-Martin DB6 Vantage arrives

A lovely green Aston-Martin

Cream/brown leather seats in an Aston-Martin

The BBs hang around by the Aston

A DAF 33 drives around

We wander over to the Banham Barrel for a bit

A 'Tilting Sky' gig gets sound checked

Rob and Henry chat to Jonty

The band are on stage

Rory Hill hangs around

Jonty ducks out of the photo

Jonty and Rob chat

A heap of stretched limos park up for the night

The caterers get ready

Rob has to get the soldering iron out

The catering staff wait to serve

Rob solders up Henry's 'click machine'

The chocolate-fountain woman sets up

Nosher sits in a corridor

Nosher sits on the floor and giggles

Max and Rob discover chocolate fountains

The chocolate fountain

The caterers move into full action mode

Rob and a light

Henry re-programs everything

Life in a back room

Nosher and Max's shoes

The band get fed

The band eat some free left-over food

Strange giraffe statues in the 'green room'