The BBs Play Banham, and Hang Out With Vintage Cars - 2nd June 2007

The BBs - the band Nosher is in - play for Diss High School's leaving ball in Banham. It's the equivalent of the US-style "prom", and in keeping with the event, many stretch-limos, ballgowns and tuxedos are hired. There are however one or two more unique vehicles present, including a 1912 Cadillac, driven by Jo (the singer's) dad, and a rather nice Aston-Martin DB6 Vantage. Mmmm. Meanwhile, before all of that, there's something strange going down in Diss: Vikings in a boat are spotted roaming up Mere Street, and there's a choir outside Diss Publishing. However, no-one seems to know exactly why any of this stuff is occuring.

next album: Woolpit Steam at Wetherden, Suffolk - 3rd June 2007
previous album: Nosher's Birthday Trip, New Milton - 26th May 2007

Vikings invade Mere Street

A choir sings outside Diss Publishing

Bindery Sue and Bindery Dave are spotted sitting on the steps by Mere's Mouth

Jo's dad behind the wheel of the 1912 Caddy

Rob shakes hands

Cadillac headlights

Jo tries on a comedy hat

Henry (the younger) and Max, right, pose by the Cadillac

Meanwhile, a horse and cart arrives

Carts and prom-queens

Jo's dad gets active in the wing-mirror

The front radiator grille

Jo looks vaguely S&M in a leather cap with goggles

A gorgeous Aston-Martin DB6 arrives

A horse hangs around

A lovely green Aston-Martin

A Vantage badge and some spoked wheels

One of the comedy entrants drives away

DB6 rear light

Later, in the Banham Cider Shed, a 'Tilting Sky' gig sound checks

A Jesus statue watches the proceedings

Jonty and Rob chat

Back at the Appleyard, a heap of stretched limos park up for the night

The catering staff wait to serve

Ron solders up Henry's 'click machine'

The chocolate-fountain woman sets up

Nosher sits on the floor and giggles

Rob and a light

Henry re-programs everything

The band lig some free left-over food

Strange giraffe statues in the 'green room'

A load of upturned tables, with horse-shoe feet

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Vikings invade Mere Street